Making A Difference

In the wake of an extra ordinary year we have refreshed our corporate purpose and our values to ensure they are relevant to today's world.

Our Business Model.



Zetafunds participates in a variety of initiatives to identify, promote and realize the adoption of the best environmental and sustainability practices..


Whether you are in the early stages of saving or already in retirement, our professionally managed investment services help to ensure you and your family are taken care of for life.


Our strategy aims to build a private asset portfolio whose periodic cash flows (contributions and distributions) net close to zero.


Zetafunds aims to help resolve environmental and social issues through its business activities while securing sustainable growth. To this end, we have determined priority issues to be addressed by Zetafunds.

This determination involved selecting issues relevant to Zetafunds operations at home and abroad from among the environmental and social issues identified by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as prevailing industry standards.

Our Solutions

Investors today are demanding more. It’s no longer just about the returns they generate. It’s also about the good their money can do. They want to live in a sustainable world, one where responsible investing embraces assets that consider their values and account for a much bigger picture.

Code Of Conduct

Our core values

Zetafunds continually strives to meet the evolving needs of our customers, business partners, shareholders, employees and the wider communities in which we operate. Our ambition is for Zetafunds to be a trusted partner to our customers at every stage of life.

Working Together

Operating as a team makes us stronger, smarter and better. We build relationships as we work together with respect across disciplines, across borders, and with partners across the value chain. We welcome new perspectives and fully leverage the considerable knowledge and professional expertise that exists across Zetafunds

Bringing Clarity

By ensuring that we offer products and services that meet our customers’ needs, and by communicating clearly and transparently, we not only demonstrate our integrity but can also build long-term relationships founded upon trust. We are open, transparent, and customer-focused.

Exceeding Expectations

We care for our customers and are committed to providing them with exceptional products and service. We constantly strive to ensure that we not only meet the needs of our customers but do so in such a way that we consistently exceed their expectations. Every day, we aim for excellence, and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in everything we do.


Diversity is the opposite of investors’ desire for standardisation and comparability of things. Biodiversity is challenging because it really is the anti-commodity..

Our Principle Guide

We do the right thing.

Above all, we conduct ourselves in an ethical way, recognizing our role as a leader in the global community; we value the trust our customers, employees, investors, partners and communities place in us.

We take a long-term perspective.

We are committed to making lives better over the long term by providing solutions that stand the test of time; we anticipate the implications of our decisions now and in the future and take smart risks.

We win with talent, culture and execution.

Our diverse talent and inclusive culture give us an advantage in the marketplace and allow us to develop and execute on innovative solutions to address our customers’ challenges as they evolve.

We make and keep promises.

We manage our company well and are able to take on risk for our customers; we live up to our commitments; our ability to make lives better depends on keeping the promises we make over the long term.

Putting the Investor First

No single investment firm is the best at managing every asset class. That's why we take a diversified approach that applies the experience of best-in-class portfolio managers throughout the industry to offer a full range of investment strategies. This philosophy made us a pioneer in the sub-advised mutual fund industry. Simply put, we know how to select and monitor a diverse array of managers to seek better results.

The Investor First Methodology

"With our unique understanding of the volatile market, we at Zetafunds provide financial solutions to our clients."

Quantitative Analysis

We look at the numbers to identify strategies that strive to deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns, style consistency, and reduced risk.

Qualitative Analysis

We examine important factors, such as a manager’s investment philosophy, portfolio construction process, organizational structure, and risk management. This means going beyond hard numbers to truly understand the context that leads to the outcomes.

Investment Manager Recommendation

We combine our quantitative and qualitative analyses with an objective, collaborative process to recommend an investment manager. Our Investment and Investment Risk committees vet each manager we choose.

Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor the fund managers we select. Each day, week, month, and quarter, we assess their investment performance, adherence to style, portfolio volatility, and active share. When managers do not meet expectations, they may be replaced.


When client select our firm, they hire a team, not an individial. Clients benefits from direct access to the decision makers for the investment in each portfolio as well as service associate who address any day-today needsor inquires. Our team work closely with other professionals serving our clients to make proactive decisions and address issues that arise regarding investments and planning.

Our Services


we provide investment management services and offer investment products across all major asset classes to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients.


We offer wealth advisory services, including portfolio management and financial counseling and brokerage and other transaction services to high-net-worth individuals and families.


Operating at the center of global financial markets, our Securites professionals serve instituional clients including Assets Managers, Hedge funds, bank and brokerage, Pensions, Endowements and foundations, corporations, and Governments.

Funding change

Zetafunds is invested in creating long-term partnerships that strengthen communities, help tackle social challenges and solve complex problems.

Shared Impact

Zetafunds encourages employees to explore their passions, business skills and expertise to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

Racial Equity

To effect lasting change, companies must examine how individual, structural and institutional racism impact all aspects of their business—from policies and practices to products—and use these levers to promote inclusive growth, particularly for people of color.

Skills Gap

An innovative program aims to retrain workers for high-demand “middle skill” jobs in manufacturing, clean energy, health care and other fields.

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